What is Zone Heating?


Why is a fireplace more effective
than using the furnace alone?

When you are active and moving around the house your body doesn’t feel the need for heat as it does when relaxing in the family room. Zone Heating means you are heating the room that you use the most with an alternate heat source, like a Napoleon Fireplace. Zone Heating is the obvious solution for those families concerned about rising fuel costs.
How we heat our homes Furnaces are designed as a central heating source that use air flow to convey the heat throughout the house. Air is heated as it flows across the combustion chamber/heat exchanger and then is circulated through a maze of ductwork before being deployed into all the living spaces within the home.When you relax for the evening in the family room, the furnace is set to generate enough heat to keep everyone comfortable. This means that the entire house is being heated when you really only need a comfortable temperature in one room.Napoleon The Cost Effective Solution

Heating the room you use is an obvious cost effective solution. With Napoleon all of our heater rated models are designed to generate the maximum amount of heat available for your fuel dollars.

Napoleon fireplaces not only radiate heat through their glass doors they simultaneously conduct heat through the firebox (in some models through their heat exchanger). This means that everyone in your family room is actually absorbing the radiant heat from the fireplace while the air is warmed by the heat being conducted from the fireplace to the air flow around it. This all adds up to a very comfortable family on a cold winter night for a fraction of what it would cost to heat with the furnace alone.