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Traditional design is something that you may already inherently know, something you instinctually lean towards when putting a room together. It’s timeless, historical, and everything just seems to go together. But what is the Traditional Design esthetic? Have a look through this guide for a better understanding of how to decorate using the Traditional style.

What is Traditional Style

Traditional style décor carries the weight of history while being welcoming, cozy, calm, and elegant. This style originates from 18th and 19th century Europe with strong ties to England and France. This decorating style can tend to lean towards a formal feel, but it is intended to create a comfortable space for all.

How To Decorate In The Traditional Style

Traditional style is easy, you probably already know what you’re doing for the most part. A key thing is to keep the placement of furniture and accessories symmetrical.

When you are looking to decorate with a traditional feel look for:

  • Pieces with a timeless feel in a European style
  • Use natural materials like wood
  • Natural colors in warm tones
  • High-end and luxury fabrics like silk, velvet, and leather
  • Things belong in pairs, two chairs, two vases, two bookshelves
  • Neutral walls
  • Colors in jewel tones found in art and textile accessories
  • Heavy and ornate furniture
  • Grand accessories
  • Architectural details can be present in furniture, accessories, and on walls


Add some interest to your traditional esthetic by tossing in something unexpected, a hint of another element. Something modern, unique, and not of the traditional esthetic. You don’t have to go all or nothing when bringing a room together.


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Traditional Style And Your Fireplace

What does Traditional Style have to do with your fireplace? Most of the images you see that feature this type of décor have a crackling fire as the focal point. And what is more traditional than gathering in comfort around the warmth and light of a fireplace? Napoleon has a large selection of fireplaces that can easily fit into your traditional space. Large fireboxes with impressive views of the logs and flames, brick or stone rear panels, surrounds with architectural details, and wood mantels are perfect for placing as the focal point in your traditionally designed space.

Remember that your space should be calm, orderly, elegant but not austere. Everything should just go together creating a welcoming space. Traditional Style décor doesn’t have to be stuffy or predictable. Think timeless history, gravity, cool antiques, and a calm, inviting space. Share your traditionally styled spaces and decorating stories on our social pages like Facebook and Instagram, using the hashtags #TraditionalStyle and #NapoleonFireplaces.