We all know how convenient a wood stove is at providing heat or how great a fireplace is to gather your whole family. But did know that they can also be used to cook your lunch? The most common use of the top of the stove is to boil water but there are so many other things you can cook on it. Let me explain how and why you should use your wood stove for cooking.

Wood Gourmet Stove

How and what to cook with your stove

There is an incredible amount of meals you can cook on the top of your wood stove, for example bread, baked potatoes, foil-wrapped vegetables, meat and much more. There are two ways to use your wood stove to cook your favorite meals: On top of the stove and inside the firebox. The top is the best to cook soups, stews and roasts. It is important to put something between the pot and the stove because the stove can burn the bottom of your pot. If you want to cook your food evenly we recommend you to use a cast iron Dutch oven to cover it. This way the heat will be kept in and your food will cook evenly.

The first tip we’ll give you about cooking meals inside the firebox is to always double wrap your food in aluminum foil. Not only it will protect your food from the ashes but will also keep it from burning. One of the most common dishes to cook inside the firebox is baked potatoes and vegetables. You can even put your red meat inside the wood stove directly in the fire while it’s dying and all char and ash. Remember you can’t use any sort of treated wood if you are going to cook like this, that would will contain toxins and other unhealthy things you do not want in your food. There are plenty of recipes online that require you to cook the food inside the wood stove. You should definitely check those out.

What are the benefits from cooking with a wood stove

When you’re the host for a big party, it often happens that the kitchen oven is too small for all the dishes you need to prepare. That’s where your wood stove comes handy. Regardless, it’s a great asset to own a stove not only because of its heating properties but also for its ability to cook on and in. When you look at it, there are a couple of random events that will make the top of your wood stove useful. During a power outage it gives you the freedom to cook any type of meal as you would with your stove.

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