With the cold weather around the corner it’s time for the annual fireplace maintenance. Some of you may not feel comfortable completing the maintenance of your fireplace by yourself, if this is the case contact your local Napoleon® dealer for further assistance. These steps are quick and simple that anyone can follow to ensure your fireplace is in tip top shape for the winter season.Once you perform your yearly maintenance all that’s left is the igniting of the pilot light which can become a little trickier for a beginner. Follow these seasonal fireplace maintenance steps to guarantee your family receives all the warmth they need this winter.

Cleaning Inside Of the Fireplace Glass

The most important thing to do before performing any fireplace maintenance is to turn it completely off, and give your fireplace necessary time to cool. Your fireplace should provide you with a manual including instructions on how to properly open the glass since each fireplace model is a little different.  Most basic fireplaces installed by the builder of your home will require you to remove the upper and lower panels then undo the latches and the door should simply swing open.  Only use a proper gas fireplace glass cleaner, due to other products that are used for window cleaning have ammonia based chemicals causing an adverse affect on the glass taking away from the look of your fireplace. Apply a small amount of cleaner to a dry cloth; rub in a circular motion until you feel a smooth surface all over. Let the glass cleaner stay on the surface of the glass for the recommended time that the product states. Take another dry cloth to remove any access cleaner left on the glass, once completed, close the glass and the fireplace is ready for use.

Annual Blower Cleaning Steps

Always ensure your fireplace is turned off and leave it for the appropriate time to cool before cleaning. You can access the blower through the lower louver area of your fireplace, it is important to check in the fireplace manual as blower locations can vary by fireplace. Unplug the blower cord from the electrical outlet most commonly located behind the louvers near the front left side of the fireplace. Once you have found the location of the blower you can simple remove the dust with a small dry brush, such as a paint brush. Finally carefully vacuum all access dust that may have fallen when dusting. Plug the blower cord back in to the electrical outlet, and you are ready to start your fireplace season.

How to Ignite the Pilot Light on Your Fireplace

1) To start turn off all electrical power to the fireplace and find the control panel (usually located at the bottom behind the lower louver/ornamental inset/valve cover opening), and the pilot light instructions should be included in this area. You can also refer to the lighting instructions located in your owner’s manual.

2) Locate the gas shut off valve (blue switch) leading to the fireplace. Most commonly located on the right side of the valve.

3) Once you found the switch ensure this it is turned on, the switch should be parallel to the gas pipe or flex line

4) Make sure that the main burner switch, thermostat or remote control is in the off position

5) Check to make sure your pilot knob is in the off position, as indicated on the marker on the gas valve

6) Push the pilot knob in, and turn it counter clock wise to the pilot position

7) Next push in the pilot knob and hold it in while repeatedly pressing the igniter button. Located to the left side of the gas valve secured to the control panel.

8) Once the pilot lights up, continue to hold in the pilot knob for one minute before slowly releasing it, at that point the pilot should continue to burn on its own. If it does not continue to burn, repeat steps 6, 7 &8.

9) Now that the pilots burning turn the knob to the on position

10) Finally turn the pilot knob to the on position by slightly pressing on the knob and turning it clockwise. You can now turn on the main burner on the fireplace by simply turning on your main burner switch, remote control, or turning up your thermostat to your desired temperature.

If you find yourself having trouble completing any of the seasonal fireplace maintenance steps above there is a video for each task providing visual step-by-step instructions on our Napoleon® Products YouTube channel.