Not ready to pack up the backyard accessories yet? Extend the time your family spends in the backyard with Outdoor Fireplaces. The warmth of the outdoor fireplace provides additional entertainment, and with the great ambiance friends will be asking you to host parties more often. Most importantly if you’re in the market to sell your home, an outdoor fireplace will set your backyard apart from others creating an added value. Here’s what you need to know to satisfy your families needs if you’re deciding to heat up the backyard area.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Fireplaces

Deciding on a new outdoor fireplace can be tough, especially when you walk into the showroom and all the fireplaces look great from the cosmetic point of view, although you need to ensure you’re making the right decision on the functions inside the fireplace!
Napoleon outdoor fireplaces are gas although propane is available for smaller alternatives. Every fireplace is created from 100% stainless steel to sustain the cold winters and provide your family heat for many seasons to come. Installation can become a huge task and costs more in addition to the fireplace itself. We provide gas outdoor fireplaces without venting systems for quick and easy installation while saving you a few extra bucks. An additional accessory for the fireplace that is a necessity for myself is the included remote that allows you to control the temperatures of the fire from the comfort of your patio sofa. You may also have existing patio furniture or stones to place around your outdoor fireplace that you’re concerned about matching. We offer a variety of stone, glass, and brick colours for inside your fireplace so it looks as great as it feels.

Smaller Alternatives to Outdoor Fireplaces

If you’re limited for space and still enjoy the atmosphere of a warm outdoor flame, Napoleon has a variety of options available that are a less expensive alternative to the built-in fireplaces. A more modern look would be the Linear Patioflame® which is in a rectangular shape and instead of mounting to a wall; you can place it on the ground creating a cozy campfire affect perfect for roasting smores. Other model options include the GPF Patioflame® fire pit; this product is smaller than most outdoor fireplaces, and transportable if you decide to move and want to take your backyard fireplace with you. Although these types of fireplaces do have an open flame creating a more adult friendly environment, you can purchase glass protection accessories creating fun for the whole family.

All of our outdoor fireplaces include a five year limited warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction, and make sure that you get the most out of your fireplace experience.