For a first time gas fireplace owner there is a lot to consider before committing to a fixed piece in your home. Most will decide on what looks great and would rather leave the technical options up to what gas fireplace their dealer thinks is best for their home. It is important to gather the facts about different types of gas fireplaces for when you decide to purchase a unit you will be fully prepared to inform the dealer on what suits your homes needs.

Direct Vent vs. Vent Free Gas Fireplaces

When choosing between a vented gas fireplace or a more simple approach with vent free its necessary to look over your local government regulations on fireplaces. Currently only direct vent fireplaces are allowed in Canada, vent free fireplaces are also banned in some US states because of the accumulation of moisture in tightly sealed homes. Vent free fireplaces are a more convenient install for rental homes or renovations by simply hanging the fireplace on the wall in your home and installing the gas line along with 99% efficiency, vent free fireplaces are a reliable heating option. On the other hand direct vent fireplaces do provide a variety of venting options including top and rear venting to give you installation options for walls with limited venting space. Venting your fireplace allows the unit to pull air into the home from outside, rather than competing with other appliances for combustion air.

Natural Gas vs. Propane Fireplaces

Once you have come to an agreement on the type of fireplace installation you want, or if you’re in an areas that doesn’t allow vent free, you are instantly limited to a vented fireplace. When choosing a direct vent fireplace you have two clean burning fuel options. Propane is great for any indoor or outdoor space, and the propane tank can be located nearly anywhere making this option more convenient for fire pits or any portable fireplace.
Depending on how often you expect to replace your tank they come in sizes ranging from 20 to 1000lbs. Natural gas lines are ideal for homes in residential areas where a line is already installed into your home making the decision between the two a breeze. Natural gas is one of the cheapest forms of energy even if you don’t have a line installed but you have access to the gas, it is not pricey for a new line installation. Natural gas is a clean burning fixed fuel source therefore they are not portable when thinking about outdoor options, though you can install a natural gas line outside for an outdoor fireplace.

All our direct vent and vent free fireplaces come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty to ensure satisfaction for years to come.