The first time you enter a fireplace and stove retail store it’s hard to choose what model you need. You either want one that has a beautiful design or one that would be highly efficient. Although, when you put more thoughts into it, there are more things to expect from a fireplace, insert, or a stove. Like, how can it protect our environment? Wood fireplaces, wood inserts and wood stoves protects our environment and are perfect for being green. Keep reading to learn more about how your wood stove can help us save the world.

Wood Stoves And Nature’s Carbon Cycle

Carbon is one of the most important elements on Earth. It feeds the plants during the photosynthesis process. During their lifetime, trees (and other vegetation) absorb an incredible amount of carbon dioxide, converting it to the oxygen that we breathe, and release it only after dying or by being burned in a forest fire. This is a simple explanation of a nature’s carbon cycle. How does it relate to wood fireplaces, inserts, or stoves? When the wood is consumed in a fireplace, insert or stove, it releases the carbon dioxide it absorbed in its lifetime. Heating your home with a Napoleon doesn’t release any more carbon than a dying tree lying in the woods.

Our Wood Stoves And Their Benefits

Here at Napoleon®, we’ve made it our mission to help protect the environment by manufacturing products used for heating your home, and to minimize global warming. We understand the nature’s carbon cycle and have created wood stoves and fireplaces that release the same amount of carbon when consuming wood as a dead tree lying in the woods. All of our wood stoves and inserts are EPA approved (Environmental Protection Agency).

Did you know that a wood stove could be more eco friendly than solar energy? Take a look at this interesting article to see why.

The advantage of owning a wood stove is that it can still be used even without electricity. Power outages are unfortunate and may sometimes last for one or two days. Either for heating or for cooking, a wood stove has been proven to be very useful in those dark times. If you want to learn more about cooking with your stove, click here. Or learn about how to maintain your wood fireplace.

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