Interested in a new heating source? Start by gathering all the facts on both fireplaces and stoves to make a knowledgeable decision when you decide to visit your local dealer. Fireplaces are a timeless look that generates remarkable comfort with the ambiance of the burning fire, and a design to suit every home style. While stoves may not have the decorative element they are made for high heating performance to last for years to come, therefore adding another main heating source to your home. The following is what you need to know about gas, wood and pellet stoves.

Types of Stoves

Stoves similar to fireplaces come in a range of fuel types including gas, wood, and pellet. Wood, and pellet stoves are great for home and the environment as they’re a renewable energy source. If you have a reasonable amount of land or space on your property wood stoves would be great, as you have to store wood that will last you at least one full season. You may want to choose a stove for your home; Gas stoves come in both direct vent and vent free, although vent free are not allowed in Canada and some US states. Gas stoves are a great option as there is less maintenance to be done without using wood. Stoves come in a variation of sizes to suit the square footage of your home, small and medium stoves are appropriate for cozier homes or cottages, for the purpose of zone heating rooms allowing you to turn down your furnace. Large stoves are great for big open concept homes where you can place your stove in a main area of the house. They are powerful enough to heat your entire home, eliminating the need for your furnace and those unwelcoming monthly bills.

Stoves vs. Fireplaces

When making the tough decision between a stove or fireplace truth be told they are both a great option for your home, it comes down to the specific needs of the home owner. Stoves are without a question a great heating source, although in terms of safety for families there is a need for supervision or a protective gate to prevent children’s access to the burning embers, and extremely hot glass door. Stoves give a rustic timeless look to a home, although they lack the cosmetic features that a fireplace has. Fireplaces are a great choice if you’re looking to match an existing decorated room, allowing you to place a mantel around your firebox. Both stoves and fireplaces give off little smoke, and are a great investment for every home. The ultimate question is how often will you be using your fireplace and will you be using it as a main heating source. Stoves are the way to go in terms of a main heating source for your home during the winter months. If you’re interested in using your fireplace in addition to your furnace and you’re looking for a modern style go with a fireplace giving you more decorative options.

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