We love good customer feedback and when we saw this glowing review for the Napoleon 42” Linear Wall Mount electric fireplace, we knew we needed to find out more about Michael M’s unique application for his motorhome. He initially left us a love note that went something like this:

“This was the ONLY electric fireplace thin enough to fit behind the slide out in my motorhome. Now I can heat the coach without using any of my propane. I sit in my driveway and watch the fireplace and TV simultaneously to fall asleep. I LOVE THIS FIREPLACE! It is the second one we have purchased and my wife adores the firestove she has in our bedroom.”

Motorhomes and RVs pose a unique design challenge with very tight living quarters and interesting layouts, often with convertible rooms that double as sleeping areas. They are hard to heat through the night without leaving the engine running which could cost a pretty penny in gas.

We caught up with Michael to find out more about how he uses his Napoleon wall-mount to keep his motorhome nice and toasty.

Why did you want an electric fireplace?

“Since a motorhome is a relatively small space, I figured I could heat the living room with an electric fireplace and not have to use my expensive propane.”

What made you choose this Napoleon model?

“The fireplace had to fit behind a ‘slideout,’ and could not be any thicker than 4 inches. The 42″ dimension matched the 40″ flat screen TV I mounted just above the fireplace.”

Were you looking at just wall mounted units or a variety of designs?

“For this application I was looking strictly for a wall mount, however, I am still looking for a free standing electric fireplace to go in the garage of this same motor coach.”

Approximately how much research did you do ahead of time?

“I looked at everything there was both locally in stores, and online.”

How long have you had the unit?

“About nine months.”

How often do you use it?

“We use it almost every trip we take, which is about once a month.”

What room do you have it in?

“It is in the living room of the motor coach.”

What is the main use for your electric fireplace- entertainment, warmth, ambiance, other?

“We use the flames without the heat when it is warm outside because it is so relaxing, but we definitely use it for the heat in the colder climates.”

Do you use it year round or mainly in the colder months?

“We use it year round. This is a 2010 motor coach, and electric fireplaces are just now getting popular in them. People can’t believe how much this fireplace adds to both the functionality and the décor.”

What is your favorite feature?

“Probably the fact I can run the fireplace with just flames, OR, with both heat and flames.”

Anything else you’d like to share or want us to know?

“I installed one of your free standing fireplaces in my master bedroom for my wife in front of her computer table/study area. She loves it!! I also gave a freestanding unit to my father-in-law for his ‘man cave,’ so he wouldn’t have to run central heating. HE LOVES IT, and now falls asleep in his armchair in front of it on those chilly south Texas nights.”

Have a unique application or using one of our products in a non-traditional way?

We’d love to hear about it!

Guest post provided by Lauren Monitz of ElectricFireplacesDirect.com, the #1 online source for electric fireplaces and a major distributor of Napoleon® products.