Let’s discuss the foundations of creating the perfect outdoor Living Space with ambience to entertain your family and friends while outside! Whether you have an outdoor pool, patio deck, porch, or just a blank yard, there are many ways to personalize your outdoor environment to enjoy the warm weather. Start by utilizing the space you have. This will help you decide how much space you already have to work with, and what to build onto. Read on for our 4 key steps to begin creating your outdoor paradise!

GSS42CF Riverside Clean Face by the Pool

Planning Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Whether you have a small postage stamp yard or acres of land, you need to plan. Once you have a vision, you can work with that and your budget to create the space of your dreams. We recommend an idea book with photos, sketches and notes… You can take this with you when shopping, to keep you on track and within budget. Space is a premium in your home and your yard; you may need some spaces to pull double duty, and you may want to consider building up if at all possible.

Furniture to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Nirvana

A comfortable set of lounge chairs, a patio swing to set the ambience, and chaise lounges with a coffee table are the perfect way to provide seating for your guests outside. Wicker, glass, wrought iron, rustic wood, there are many different materials that are built for outdoor living spaces that will last a long time and give you the look you’re after.

Create a Stone Path or Floored Area

This is a great way to place your furniture in the backyard, and to define your different living spaces. A small flagstone path can turn a small patch of grass into an intimate dining area; you can even grow grass between the stones if you wish. This little trick can lead you around the yard to the different spaces, and create privacy between them.

Simple Touches: Garden Space, Stone Decor, and Lighting

Mood lighting with lanterns or oil lamps create a subtle and warm glow, when hung or placed on a table. If you don’t have room for an outdoor fireplace, make sure you have lighting that will compliment your cozy and relaxing space! Depending on the look you want, decorations will complete the feel of your yard; whether rustic, vintage, or modern, accessorizing your living space will create an inviting atmosphere and personality to your outdoor home. Wall art is the perfect way to open up a room, by hanging a mirror, planter, or even a fountain. Whatever look you’re going for, explore the options of covering your bare walls. Another furnishing tip would be to bring indoor furnishing outdoors, such as area rugs, blankets and pillows. This is great if you have a gazebo or covered deck space. A rug will add a homey touch, while blankets and pillows give the same feel of cozying up on a cool night.