What is considered a modern fireplace? A modern or contemporary hearth fireplace relates to any style or design that is trending in our present date. With busy lives it’s difficult to keep up with how quickly modern styles change each year. Here are some tips to inform you on the latest trends to find the contemporary fireplace and room you’re looking for.

Types of Modern Fireplaces

With technology constantly creating more innovative ways to present products to us as the consumer, fireplaces have come a long way since the traditional wood firebox. Electric fireplaces are the latest advancement, they’re created without any real flames and they hang on the wall as simple as a television. Contemporary pieces provide realistic flames and contribute great heating for your home.  Linear fireplaces come in a variety of fuel types with a clean face design leaving the mantel out. Modern linear fireplaces are a great way to save space in the hearth area to draw more attention to the flame scenery.  More recently there have been smaller alternatives to gas fireplaces that display a single flame similar to a torch as the flame décor is different from traditional wood. Single flame fireplaces like Napoleon’s Tureen Gas Fireplace demonstrates a single flame protruding from a beautiful ceramic bowl covered with river rocks to complete any modern room or hallway. Corner and multi-view fireplaces are a great to showcase a much larger viewing area and provide heating to larger rooms. The multi-view fireplaces can be viewed from two rooms as well as heating both areas.

Fireplace Design & Industry Trends For 2014

Fireplaces have advanced a lot from traditional hearths with now allowing the option to place your fireplace nearly anywhere. You are no longer restricted to placing your fireplace on the floor with the option to hang on the wall or simply being placed inside the wall. Another trending design is the clean face with clean lines and larger viewing glass area, for instance the linear series fireplaces. These looks eliminate the mantel saving space and drawing all the attention to the luxurious flames. Gas fireplaces have been increasingly popular over the years and still lead in fueling options. Consumers tend to choose gas over wood for the simplicity of flicking a switch to turn on and off. Inside the fireboxes have come a long way with modern alternatives to logs such as glass or crystals creating a contemporary light show in your home. Artificial flames have become popular for commercial use as there is not maintenance or venting required. Electric fireplaces are also great for consumers who enjoy their fireplace and television together, with the ability to place the fireplace below the television safely.