Installation Manuals


Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces Vent Free Gas Fireplaces
LHD62 Manual HD40 High Definition Manual WHVF31 Plazmafire™ Manual
WHD31 Plazmafire™ Manual HD35 Clean Face Manual GVF42 Manual
BGD42CF Clean Face Manual HD81 Manual GVF40 Manual
BGD42 Manual LHD45 Linear Manual GVF36 Manual
BGD40 Manual GD82T-T – Tureen™ Manual GVFT8 Torch™ Manual
BGD40G Manual LHD50SS Swarovski Manual
BGD36CF Manual LHD50 Manual
GD19 Vittoria™ Manual GT8 The Torch™ Manual Power Venting Products
GD36 Manual GD36MN Manhattan™ Manual GPV Manual
BGD36 Manual BGD36CFG Crystallo™ Manual
GD34 Manual HDX40 Manual
BGD34 Manual GD70 STARfire™ Manual
GD33 Manual GD82T-Park Avenue™ Manual
BGD33 Manual GD80 Madison™ Manual
HD46 Clean Face Manual BGD90 Dream™ Manual
HD40 High Definition Manual

Gas Log Sets Ethanol Burning Fireplaces  Outdoor Fireplaces
FIBERGLOW™ Vent Free Manual WMFE1 Corner Unit Manual GSST8 Outdoor Torch™ Manual
FIBERGLOW™ Vented Manual WMFE2 Square Unit Manual GSS42 Outdoor Fireplace Manual
WMFE3 Linear Unit Manual GSS36 Outdoor Fireplace Manual
WMFE4 Convex Unit Manual GSS48 Gas Fireplace Manual
GSS48ST See Thru Gas Fireplace Manual

Wood Burning Fireplaces Electric Fireplaces
NZ6000 High Country™ Manual EFC32 Manual
NZ26 Manual EFL48 Linear Electric Manual
NZ3000 High Country™ Manual EF30G Manual
EF30 Manual
EF39HD Manual
EF39S Manual


Direct Vent Gas Stoves Vent Free Gas Stoves
GDS25 Bayfield™ Manual GVFS60 Manual
GDS26 Castlemore™ Manual GVFS20 Arlington™ Manual
GDS20 Arlington™ Manual
GDS60 Manual
GDS28 Manual
GDS50 Manual

Wood Burning Stoves Pellet Burning Stoves
1150P Wood Gourmet™ Manual NPS45 Pellet Stove Manual
1100 – Pedestal Manual
1400 – Pedestal Manual
1900 – Pedestal Manual
1100-PL – Leg Model Stove Manual
1400-PL – Leg Model Stove Manual
1100C Manual
1600C Manual
1400C Manual
1450 Independence™ Stove Manual
S Series (S1, S4, S9) Stove Manual


Gas Burning Inserts Wood Burning Inserts Pellet Burning Inserts
XIR4 Manual 1402 Manual NPI45 Manual
IR3 Manual 1101 Manual
IR3G Manual
XIR3 Manual
GDI30G Manual
GDI30 Manual
GDIZC Manual
GDI44 Manual
GI3600 Manual

Outdoor Living Products

Propane Patio Heaters Natural Gas Patio Heaters Patioflame® Outdoor Fire Pits
PTH31GTSS Bellagio™ Manual PTH38NK Natural Gas Cast Aluminum Patio Heater Manual GPFL48 Linear Patioflame® Manual
PTH38PSS Bullet Style Patio Heater Manual PTH2650SSN – Professional Patio Heater Manual Patioflame® Outdoor Fire Pit Manual
PTH38PK Propane Cast Aluminum Patio Heater Manual
PTH11PSS Tabletop Patio Heater Manual
PTH2650SS – Professional Patio Heater Manual

Previous Products – Fireplaces

Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Manuals Vent Free Gas Fireplaces
B36DFN Direct Vent Gas Fireplace GD27 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace GVF30 Vent Free Gas Fireplace
BGD38 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace GD40 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace ZCVF36 – ZCVF42 – Ventless firebox enclosure
BGD42CF Clean Face Direct Vent Gas Fireplace GD45 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
GB20 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace GD70 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
GD15 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace GD1800 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
GD16 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace GD3000 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace
GD17 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace GD3200 with Robert Shaw Honeywell Valve
GD22 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace GD3200N S.I.T. Nova Valve
GD25 Direct Vent Gas Fireplace GE38, Manhattan, Gas Fireplace

Wood Burning
NZ25 Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace
NZ2000 Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace

Gas Log Sets Gas Inserts Other / Misc
GI2012 Gas Log Set Manual GI2113 Gas Insert Manual NM2020 Prestige Masonry System
GI3014 Gas Insert Manual WM1020 Masonry System
GI3622 Zero Clearance Gas Insert
NFI-C and NFID Fireplace Insert

Previous Products – Stoves

Gas Stoves Wood Burning Stoves Oil Burning Stoves
GDS and GDI50 Gas Stove Manual EPA1000, 1500 and 2000 Wood Burning Stove OS10 Oil Burning Stove Manual
GDS3700 and GDS3700M with Euro S.I.T. Valve EPI1600 Wood Burning Stove
GDS3700 with Nova S.I.T. Valve NC12 and NC16 Wood Burning Stove Manual
GS3500 and GSD3500 Gas Burning Stove with Euro S.I.T. Valve SAVOY Wood Burning Stove Manual
GS3500 Gas Burning Stove with Nova S.I.T. Valve

 Pellet Stoves
NPS40 Manual