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The High Country™ 2600 features Napoleon’s exclusive PHAZER® light weight ceramic baffle which heats up quickly to help increase efficiencies, a full brick patterned refractory liner that retains heat and supports over night burn and an airwash system which ensures an extremely clean viewing area. The High Country™ 2600 zero clearance and masonry fireplace outperforms your expectations by providing optimum heating efficiency, durability, environmentally friendly wood burning and overall exceptional heat performance that will last a lifetime!



webbed-arched-door-high-country-2600 arched-door-painted-black-high-country-2600 louvers-painted-black
Webbed Arched Door Painted Black Arched Door Painted Black Upper & Lower Louvres Painted Black
Spring Door Handles Painted Black, 24 Karat Gold Plated and Satin Chrome Plated Finishes

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