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The Napoleon GVFL24 Vent Free Gas Log Set installs into any opening, existing or new, with ease, using the gas lines you already have. Perfect for a home where fireplaces weren’t an option before. The GVFL24 doesn’t need a chimney to work. It uses the air currents in your home to feed and ventilate itself, making it 99.9 percent efficient. Enjoy the warmth and look of a real wood fire without any of the effort. A Gas Log Set is a less expensive way to add a beautiful fire to your home. Easily update a space with the addition of a GVFL24. One box is all you need to create a lasting and useful impression.


A fantastic secondary heat source, the GVFL24 Gas Log Set is 26-inches of home heating beauty. Curl up in front of your new fireplace without having to chop a log or sweep any ash. With just the flip of a switch you can have a roaring fire. With another flip, your fire has shut off. No waiting and no clean up. The infrared heat from the flames not only warms the Gas Logs, but the unique fiber burner cover glows like the embers of a real wood fire.

The Napoleon GVFL24 Gas Log Set works no matter the circumstances. The unique ignition system lights the GVFL24 even when the power is out. Keep your family safe and warm year round. Adaptable to both natural gas and propane fuels, the Gas Log Set will provide you with the same amount of heat. At 99.9 percent efficient, the GVFL24 will save you money on your gas bills by consuming less fuel. Couple that with being able to turn the furnace down and using the stored heat from your logs. You have a recipe for comfort and savings.


cobblestone-brick-kit-for-zero-clearance-firebox zero-clearance-firebox-available-in-36-and-42 decorative-door-kit-for-zero-clearance-firebox
Cobblestone Brick Kit (for zero clearance firebox) Zero Clearance Firebox (available in 36″ and 42″) Decorative Door Kit (for zero clearance firebox)
lava-rocks-cinders-standard-with-log-sets f45-f60-remote-controls-adjusts-heat-and-on-off
Lava Rocks (Standard) F45 & F60 Remote Controls On/off Modulating

Every GVFL24 comes complete in one box containing the burner pan, fiber burner cover, hand painted logs, cast iron grate and andirons, the lava rock/ember rock, and charcoal lumps.

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