The Napoleon eFIRE Controller App

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Mobile Device Controlled

Napoleon’s eFIRE app will revolutionize the way you use your fireplace. We have cracked the code and present to you the first fireplaces to be controlled by Bluetooth® technology, using an intuitive app on your mobile device.

The eFIRE application allows you to create every imaginable color, selecting the one that fits your current mood, or your décor with ease, the simple color wheel tool swiftly scrolls through the full color spectrum. Napoleon’s eFIRE app controls every function of your fireplace including; on/off, flame height and blower speed.

The Napoleon eFIRE Controller App
  • Control flame height
  • Control blower speed
  • Control LED lights
  • Control On/Off
  • Easy to use toggle slider
  • Limitless color options of the entire color spectrum

The eFIRE app is available on the following Napoleon Gas Fireplaces:

The eFIRE controller application is available free on iTunes and Google Play

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