Please read these instructions carefully and if these steps are not helpful or you don’t feel skillful enough to complete them, then contact your local Napoleon dealer for assistance.

With the start to another heating season you need to reacquaint yourself with your gas fireplace. If your Napoleon fireplace electronic ignition system is not lighting, then the following are maintenance steps to carefully clean the pilot area. The maintenance should be performed annually (or as required) to ensure your unit is functioning properly during heating seasons.

To begin maintenance you need to carefully open or remove the glass door, and logs to access the pilot area. For these details see your owner’s manual for step by step instructions.

The following are instructions on how to clean your pilot sensor and hood.
REMEMBER: The pilot is a sensitive component and must be handled carefully.

Cutting scotch pad1

1) The first step for maintenance is to clean the pilot sensor. Start by cutting a small enough swatch from a Green Scotch Brite Pad to bend around the sensor.

scotch pad scuff censor1

2)     Carefully scuff all around the pilot sensor removing any residue.

Pipe cleaner brush cleaning hood1

3)     Using a pipe cleaner brush, brush around the pilot hood to ensure you are removing any excess build up in the ridges of the hood.

wipe pilot dry cloth1

4)     Once you have completed these steps take a dry lint free cloth and wipe away any remaining debris from the sensor and pilot hood, and vacuum around the area.

5)     Reassemble the fireplace and turn on. (refer to Lighting Instructions)

NOTE: It is normal for the pilot to spark a number of times before lighting.