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Moving Hot Air – How To Heat Your House Using Your Fireplace

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You want to save money on your heating bill, especially with the weather being so cold recently. Using your wood or pellet fireplace to heat your home is a great way to save, but how do you move the hot air from near the hearth to the rest of the house? Read this article about moving hot air and find out how you can heat your home with just your fireplace.

Festive color changing flames

Change The Color Of Your Outdoor Fire

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Take decorating even further by coloring your fire! Whether it’s the 4th of July, Christmas time, Easter, or Canada day…learn how to get colorful, festive flames here!


What should I bring when buying a Fireplace?

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The steps you should follow when choosing a new fireplace for your home. Use this guide to help you get the perfect fireplace to fit your home and lifestyle.


Zone Heating

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Zone Heating is an easy way to save money on your home heating bills. By using a Napoleon® heating product to heat the room you are using, and setting your furnace to a lower heat setting, you too can save money on your heating costs.