The Importance of Fireplace Screens


Fireplace screens were used primarily as a decorative element over the years, especially for fireplace homeowners who would much rather cover up their outdated fireplace. Although as the fireplace season approaches so do the safety concerns. Every homeowner needs to take the appropriate precautions to ensure accidents don’t happen with children and pets that can be unpredictable at times. Fireplace Screens are a valuable asset to keep in front of your hearth allowing you to enjoy the warmth with peace of mind.


How Fireplace Screens Will Protect Your Home

Most fireplace homeowners will purchase their fireplace without a screen, although a newly revised regulation in the United States and Canada is requiring a fireplace barrier to be sold with every glass fronted fireplace and stove that will go into effect as of January 1, 2015. Napoleon® is now committed to providing fireplace screens with all fireplace installations that are seamlessly attached in front of the glass, therefore the screen will not take away from the style of your fireplace. The primary reason for the new screen regulation is due to the number of yearly burn cases from fireplace glass. The screen will prevent the little ones and pets from their curiosity to touch the extremely hot glass creating a worry free environment for parents at home.


Using Fireplace Screens as a Decorative Piece

Your fireplace is a showcase for your home, even if it’s not turned on during the summer months a screen will enhance the style in any room. There are many varieties of fireplace screens to match any style concept in a home including stained glass, hand painted, and contemporary metal designs. Not to mention fireplace screens can be a great cover up for an outdated fireplace you haven’t got around to replacing. If you aren’t interested in covering up the focal point in your room an alternative is a screen attached directly to the fireplace as discussed earlier for a more simple approach, as well this style won’t take away from your fire burning scenery. When deciding on the appropriate screen take proper measurements to ensure the screen is the same size as the fireplace or the rest of the room will appear just as off balanced as the hearth.


For help choosing a fireplace screen that is right for you click here to take a look at our variety of screens that will suit any existing hearth in your home. All of Napoleon’s new fireplaces will include a safety screen with purchase.