Learn How Fireplace Tools Are a Useful Asset



There are a variety of fireplace accessories available to make your life easier depending upon the type of fireplace or stove you have. Tool sets are a great asset when you have any wood fireplace or stove. Gas fireplaces are making some necessary model changes to provide a safer atmosphere where the fireplace screen accessory will come in handy. Discover the purpose of fireplace accessories and if you could use them in your hearth area.

















Fireplace Screens


Fireplace screens are great for any fireplace or stove, as they prevent burning logs and embers from falling out of wood stoves onto the floor. They are a major benefit to accompany your gas and wood fireplace as they protect from anyone touching the hot tempered glass by mistake. With the new regulation in affect as of 2015 for all glass fronted fireplaces this accessory will now be mandatory on all newly shipped and installed fireplaces after January 1st. The screen is nearly seamless and is placed behind the frame of the fireplace. Decorative screens are also a great cover up for outdated fireplaces, or fireplaces you don’t use often.


Log Holders & Buckets


The log holder and buckets are most obviously used for only wood and pellet fireplaces as they are used to hold wood logs. The bucket is used to put any ash or embers that may have fallen out of the fireplace during the adding logs process. The log holders are used to hold a small amount of wood near the stove or fireplace allowing you to make fewer trips to outside or wherever you store the majority of your wood. The log holders and buckets can also sit in front of your hearth to create a decorative accent to the fireplace area.


Tool Sets


Once again the tool sets are primarily used for wood and pellet fireplaces and they come in a 5 piece set. The shovel component is used to place ash and embers that have fallen out into the bucket. The broom is used to sweep any additional mess that’s around your heath area. Another important piece of the set is the fire iron used to push logs into the burning firebox, therefore preventing your fingers from getting to close to the hot embers when placing logs or pellets inside. They come in a variety of styles and colours to match your surrounding area, allowing you to have the necessary tools to maintain a heat without taking away from the current style of the hearth.


Kettles & Steamers


These are less common for fireplace maintenance and in terms of using them in a general routine. Kettles and Steamers are meant for larger fireplaces with room to hang the kettle or steamer over the top of the fire. They are a great accessory during power outages if you need to cook small foods or boil water; they also create a traditional look in your heath area.


Grates, Gloves, and Meters


Grates hold the logs off the firebox bottom allowing the oxygen to circulate generating more heat for better efficiency from your fireplace or stove. Gloves are a great accessory for anytime wood or pellets need adjusting and you don’t want to risk being burnt. The digital meters are used to read the moisture of the wood before placing in the firebox. There is also an Accu-Probe Magnetic Thermometer created by Napoleon® which is best for placing on firebox to determine the temperature of your fireplace or stove.


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Other Alternatives


More accessories include a larger wood rack to create more storage near your fireplace, reducing your trips outside even more. To create a more efficient process of carrying logs from outside in there are log sacks, or a wood cart for heavier loads. A log grabber is a great accessory for safety purposes as it is used to pick up individual logs and place them in the fire to prevent burns. Fun accessories to experiment with for the fireplace are colourful flame crystals for wood fires to create a colourful flame appearance. There is also a fireside fishing pole which is great for kids making it easy to create perfectly roasted smores.


For more information on Napoleon’s fireplace accessories available go to our products page for more information.